Wednesday Night Bible Study

Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

Current Bible Study - Understanding The Lord's Prayer

We pray it every Sunday. It is the most well-known prayer of Christianity - by far. But how much do you know about it? As part of his fundamentals of the faith series, Pastor Richard is teaching a new bible study that explores what the Lord's Prayer means and its long-lasting theological, liturgical, and devotional impact in the church. The Lord’s Prayer reveals Jesus’ own sense of purpose and his understanding of God’s mission. If we can make it our own, then we will learn how to live out the values of the kingdom of God until that day when the kingdom comes.

When is Gay Christian 101 going to be taught again? Fall 2019

Unclobber the biblical clobber passages. Discover God's extravagant and inclusive welcome to all. Over the period of six weeks, Pastor Richard discusses the six “clobber” passages that are often used to oppress LGBTQ people. Then the class focuses on the positive Scriptures and role models for LGBTQ Christians. Gay Christian 101 has been spiritually liberating to many, including family members and straight allies of LGBTQ folks. It's also common for people to take the class again as a refresher course or visit from another church. The Wednesday night class allows folks to attend the class while keeping their commitments to their home church on Sundays. Visitors, whether from another church or no church at all, are welcome.

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