Wednesday Night Bible Study

Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

Let Me Tell You A Story

During the month of November, Pastor Richard will teach a Bible study about the parables of Jesus entitled, “Let Me Tell You A Story.” Jesus was a master storyteller and the use of parables was his favorite method of teaching. The stories are so good that over 2000 years later, snippets of Jesus’ parables are known by nearly everyone and used in everyday language. Who doesn’t know what a “good Samaritan” or “prodigal” is? Pastor Richard will choose random parables in the three-session class and will share the cultural and historical setting of each parable and then share its relevant lessons for today. The parables of Jesus always surprise, challenge, and teach. As Jesus said after explaining one of his parables, “Those who have ears should hear.”

When is Gay Christian 101 going to be taught again?

Each year Pastor Richard teaches "Gay Christian 101" in the spring and fall. This class discusses the six "clobber" passages that are used to oppress LGBTQ people. After teaching on those six verses, then Pastor Richard turns attention to the positive and affirming Scriptures for LGBTQ Christians and looks at potential LGBTQ role models in the Bible. Gay Christian 101 is one of fundamental Bible studies at Spirit of the Cross. This class has been spiritually rewarding to many, including family members and allies of LGBTQ folks. Spring 2019 is the next time the class will be taught. Once the dates are finalized (look for it around the time of Easter), it will be posted on the church's website weeks in advance.

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